Diet + Exercise = Lose Weight

Diet and exercise go together, if you want to lose weight and maintain it. While most diets can help you drop those extra pounds, only exercise can provide the benefits of flexibility, strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. To achieve this, at the minimum, you must exercise 20 minutes a day, three times a week. More is better, if you can manage it.

But exercise alone will not build muscle, endurance and adequate bone density if you do not provide the proper fuel for your body to use during and after exercise.

Therefore, it’s still important to select an eating plan, or “diet” if you will, that consists of healthy, nutritious foods, not some fad diet.

If you are unsure of what foods to eat, balanced with when and how much to exercise, it’s best to consult a health professional who specializes in this subject. The average family physician is generally not your best source for this kind of information, unless you have a specific medical condition that is being handled in that office.

Check instead with an exercise physiology specialist, a nutritionist, a fitness trainer, or a natural health practitioner, depending on your individual needs.

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