5 Secrets to Lose Weight When Eating Out

5 Secrets

5 Secrets

1. Start small. You can always go back for more if you really need or want to. But if you wait a few minutes after eating a small amount, this gives your body time to “register” the input and you should feel full or at least satisfied pretty quickly. This will help you avoid over-eating.

2. Eating out isn’t always a special occasion, so don’t eat like it is. Even if it is a celebration or special event, you don’t have to stuff yourself to make it feel like you are making the most of the party.

3. If someone else is paying the bill, resist the urge to overeat just to make yourself feel like you’re getting a good deal. Gaining weight is not a good deal… unless you happen to be underweight.

4. Don’t “super-size” it. This is mostly a sales tactic to make customers feel like they are getting a bargain. Think about this: The food industry has made everything so cheap to produce, the measly increase on your plate is nothing to them, hardly noticeable to their bottom line. They throw more than that out every night at closing. So who profits from your bigger servings? Oh, how about the health professions? The obesity problem is a huge industry in itself, with huge medical costs. Doctors, hospitals, clinics, weight loss programs, gyms…all benefit. You do not. The restaurant benefits because it creates goodwill and you will come back!

5. Resist suggestions. The clerks at the counter are expected to help sales by putting ideas into your head. This is more profitable than super-sizing because you are buying more food. Fries, chips, dessert, side dishes….all add to their profit, but worse for you, they add to your calorie count.