How to use ghee for weight loss

Scientists have rehabilitated fats, and nutritionists no longer recommend low-fat products. However, not all fats are equally useful. And the most useful ones can turn into poisonous ones, as happens with many oils if something is fried on them. Ghee oil for weight loss-fat of a special order. And it’s not that it can be fried without consequences. Ghee strengthens health, immunity, and reduces the number of fat cells. Let’s talk about this in more detail.




In essence, it is melted butter, that is, butter, from which water, casein, and lactose were removed by prolonged languishing on the fire (in a water bath or in an oven) and subsequent filtration.


Melted fat of an amber hue with a delicate nutty-creamy taste is ghee. One of the” top ” products of Indian cuisine and medicine. Ayurveda characterizes its nature as sattvic, that is, blissful (purifying and regenerating).


Recommends literally everything, including joint diseases and impotence. Indicates its tonic, anti-aging and immuno-restorative effect, the ability to improve digestion and peristalsis, restore metabolism and hormonal levels, and even a lot of useful properties.


In General, any talk about the benefits is a fertile field for speculation. But there are three objective arguments “for”.


It can be fried without harm to health
Everything fried is harmful for one simple reason – when heated to the point of Smoking, the oils begin to form carcinogens, changing their structure. But not ghee. Its Gorenje temperature (the point of Smoking) is 250°C (for comparison, butter has 175°C, olive has 160°C, and flax has 105°C). It is almost impossible to reach this extreme point at home. A Golden crust, if anything, is obtained already at 180°C.

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It has a pleasant nutty-creamy taste
It can be used repeatedly, filtering through cheesecloth from the remnants of what was prepared. And each time the food will have a delicate taste of nuts and cream. It does not lose its flavour properties.


Long-term storage at room temperature
Ayurveda experts say that ghee can be stored for centuries – to Mature and become better. We will not insist on the reliability of this fact, but we know for sure – it will withstand several months at room temperature, it will not go rancid.


As for weight loss, the product does not directly affect the process (it does not burn fat directly), but in combination with other activities can provide significant support.




Ghee oil, among other things, is a tool that restores metabolism, improves digestion and cleanses the liver. It is known that the outcome of the “I’m losing weight” event depends on the work of these organs and systems.

Still, kilograms with a minus sign in this case are a distant and hazy prospect.

If the reception is in a week, and the waist in the skirt feels uncomfortable, try this recipe.




There are many original recipes for coffee for weight loss – for example, with activated carbon or with turmeric. But not every coffee geek knows about coffee with melted butter, the so-called “bulletproof” coffee, popularized by American businessman Dave espry.


One day Dave visited Tibet, where he tried Chasuima – the Tibetan national drink is tea-based and oil made from Yak milk. After returning home, an enterprising businessman wrote his own version of Casimi, but on the basis of coffee. The drink Dave espry called Bulletproof and built an Empire on it. By the way, Dave himself thanks to” bulletproof ” coffee got rid of obesity and raised his IQ by 20 points.

If you replace the usual Breakfast with such a drink, and otherwise adhere to proper nutrition, you can lose weight quickly. Recipe: for a Cup of coffee – 1-2 tablespoons of oil, beat with a blender.

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It is said that the real ghee is prepared only by Tibetan monks in the mountains of jomolungma at an altitude of several thousand meters.


But the traditional recipe is in the public domain.


  • In a thick-walled saucepan over medium heat, melt a piece of butter of the best quality – for example, farm butter. After boiling, make the fire minimal.
  • Boil for at least 40 minutes to boil off the water, and the milk protein has coagulated and precipitated. Do not disturb while you are languishing. All processes can occur without your participation. Watch that it doesn’t burn.
  • When the white flakes of protein sink to the bottom and turn into a brown haze, and the oil becomes an amber colour, turn off the heat and filter the product-strain through several layers of cheesecloth.
  • As soon as it cools, cover with a lid. Store at room temperature. Use everywhere, including coffee, with which you can lose weight and improve IQ. Namaste, as they say in India!



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