Kefir and weight loss

Kefir for weight loss is recommended by many nutritionists and is known as the fastest way to get rid of extra pounds. Since Soviet times, this product was recommended to drink for natural and harmless cleansing of the body and getting rid of the negative effects of frequent overeating. It’s no secret that healthy intestinal flora has become as rare as a beautiful figure. The crazy pace of modern life limits a person’s ability to eat correctly every day. As a result, the digestive system is clogged with toxins, excess fluid, and stones. These biological wastes often weigh well: even not very full people store up to 10-12 kg of unnecessary burden in the intestines. With kefir for weight loss, you will get the effect of a “broom”, which quickly and gently cleanses the intestinal flora.

how much water kefir to drink per day
How much water kefir to drink per day


Kefir benefits

Can I lose weight on kefir? Yes, and in a very short time. This product is especially good because it contains probiotic bacteria. They help to solve many dysfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract and correct its work correctly. This is important for overall health because the intestines are digesting vitamins and the process of digesting healthy fats. Frequent use of kefir relieves problems with flatulence and helps to get rid of excess weight. Kefir successfully fits into the low-calorie menu. A diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits provokes increased gas formation. Kefir probiotics suppress this malaise and promote rapid digestion.


Low calorie

Another advantage of the product for losing weight is its low-calorie content. Depending on the percentage of fat content, 100 ml of kefir contains from 30 to 56 kcal.

Many people ask what kind of kefir is better to drink for weight loss:

  • use low-fat or 1% kefir if you use vegetable oil;
  • you can use kefir with 2.5% fat content for weight loss if you eat low-fat food.



Kefir helps you lose weight due to its composition. It contains protein, which will be useful in any diet. The proteins of yogurt are easily digested. They tend to “block” the feeling of hunger for a long time, so it will be easier to sustain a diet.

Proteins also form the burning of fat, and the calcium contained in kefir prevents the formation of fat deposits, helping the body to spend calories faster. Kefir contains almost no carbohydrates: about 5% in 100 g of the product.


For those who are on a diet, an important indicator is the date of manufacture of the product: you need to drink only fresh products, i.e. not “older” than two days. It will best cope with the renewal of the intestinal microflora, solve possible problems with constipation and swelling.


You can even check whether kefir helps by simply adding kefir to your daily diet. After a few days, you will notice that the body itself tends to normal weight indicators.


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  • Kefir with fresh berries in the morning will be a useful Breakfast.
  • Pay attention to the choice of fat content: after drinking a low-fat product in the morning, you will quickly feel hungry and want to have a good lunch, which will reduce your efforts to lose weight to zero.
  • With mental stress, there is often a desire to eat sweets for dinner. Kefir can and is useful to drink during the day instead of dessert.



Serving for the night

Of great importance is the time of day when you use kefir. There are numerous arguments on the topic: “what is useful kefir at night for weight loss.” Good sleep, improved well – being, dulling hunger, no heavy load on the intestines-an incomplete list of advantages. But the main thing is that a glass of low-fat milk drink at night will serve an excellent service in preparing for a kefir diet because clean intestinal flora significantly improves the results of dietary nutrition. Reviews have shown that by drinking low-fat kefir before going to bed after a light dinner, a person can lose weight even without a special diet by several kilograms per month.


However, with all the advantages of this wonderful product, remember – you should not get too carried away with it, everything is good in moderation.


Kefir and vegetable smoothies

There are many ways to lose weight on kefir. You can not complicate your life with diets and just arrange a day for weight loss. For one kefir day, you can remove up to 1 kg of excess weight.

Kefir weight loss is infinitely popular and has various variations with the addition of other useful products. The following cocktails are particularly effective.

  1. Kefir with herbs for weight loss. The best time for such a diet is summer when the ingredients are available and cheap. To make a smoothie, add lettuce, parsley, dill, celery, green onions, sorrel, nettle, and dandelion leaves to the yogurt. The leaves are crushed in a blender, like a classic cocktail, or finely cut and poured into a plate to eat like soup. The diet is allowed no longer than 5 days, your result is lost 4 kg. Smoothies with kefir and herbs are prohibited for problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in the postoperative period, for people with kidney and liver diseases. If you are unwell, give up green kefir cocktails and gradually return to your usual diet. Eat low-calorie food so that the lost weight is not restored.
  2. Kefir with cucumber and herbs for weight loss. Fresh cucumbers are not for nothing called the “illusion” of food. Losing weight will appreciate the benefits of this vegetable:


  • it does not get fat (cucumber is 95% liquid);
  • tartronic acid does not allow carbohydrates to transform into fats;
  • it contains enzymes that promote the absorption of animal proteins.


Due to these properties, cucumbers are ideally combined with kefir. As an additional source of minerals and vitamins and to improve the taste of cucumber-kefir cocktails add greens. This strict diet successfully suppresses the feeling of hunger and helps to “burn” up to 2 kg per day.


3. A smoothie of beets and yogurt. Fiber, which is contained in beets, has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis. Beetroot regulates the acid-base balance, contains a lot of calcium, which affects fat metabolism, and potassium, which improves heart function, cleanses the body of intercellular moisture. The sweet taste of the vegetable helps to safely abandon the sweet, which corresponds to the condition of low-calorie diets. Beetroot smoothie based on kefir reduces weight by cleansing the intestines and has virtually no effect on fat burning. This means that the risk of returning to the previous lush forms after the termination of the course is quite high. To prevent this, it is important to follow a low-calorie diet after the diet.

Kefir smoothies for weight loss-a find that will appreciate both losing weight and losing weight. Cocktails can be included in the natural diet as a light dinner, which will help maintain the figure, fill the body with vitamins and give good health.



Alternative option


With Hercules

Kefir for weight loss is perfectly combined and complemented by other products. The most popular is the weekly diet “Kefir + Hercules”. What are its advantages:

  • Hercules contains complex carbohydrates that are broken down for several hours, blunting the feeling of hunger;
  • Hercules promotes the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Hercules allows you to choose between a hard and gentle diet;
  • Hercules gives a quick result.


With spices

There are several seasonings that are most often added to kefir cocktails: ginger, cinnamon, red chili. Kefir with spices improves metabolism, eliminates the feeling of hunger, helps burn calories.


A fat-burning cocktail with pepper is widely used. The benefit of this drink with pepper for weight loss is that the hot seasoning “suppresses” the taste buds.


Lovers of spicy food, you perceive the cocktail as a meal, “tricking” the brain. The effectiveness of this recipe is individual.

To determine how to lose weight with kefir, focus on your own taste preferences!



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