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40 day reset diet plan pdf
40 day reset diet plan pdf

Getting rid of fat on the stomach and sides is the most challenging thing. But it will start to melt on the diet of Simeons — a British endocrinologist who discovered a revolutionary way to lose 20 kg in just 40 days!

British-born endocrinologist Albert Siemens lived and worked in Italy. Its heyday was in the middle of the twentieth century. The doctor developed his own method of weight loss, which was very popular among wealthy people of that time. For ten years, people who suffer from excess weight, with the help of Simeonsa realised their dream of a slim and beautiful body.

The essence of the system

According to Dr Simeons, human fat is divided into three types:

  1. Useful fat layer that protects organs from damage and allows them to function fully.
    Fat acts as an energy reserve. It disappears correctly with intense physical activity.
  2. And finally, the so-called bad fat. It is located on the most problematic areas-the hips, waist and stomach. It is almost impossible to get rid of it even with the help of diets and exercises. The body does not want to part with this fat, as if it saves it for a rainy day.
  3. That is why, even torturing ourselves with diets and sports, we do not come to the desired result. And if we reach it, we observe unpleasant phenomena: weakness and apathy, sagging skin, a bad mood and the desire to quit everything.

Dr Simeons saw a way out of the situation in taking medications containing the hCG hormone. This human choriogonadotropin hormone burns the reserves of problematic fat. The body converts them into energy, which releases about 1,500 calories. It turns out that there are only 500 calories left before the daily norm, which must be brought with food.

Thus, in combination, the introduction of hCG injections into the body and a low-calorie diet led to an excellent effect: the loss of 400-500 g of excess weight per day.

In total, the diet is designed for 40 days. During this time, the plumb line will be 15-20 kilos.

HCG is a human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone released by the placenta during pregnancy, which begins to be produced from the moment the embryo is implanted in the uterus and increases exponentially every two days. Thanks to it, another vital pregnancy hormone, progesterone, is also produced.

Even if the diet of the expectant mother leaves much to be desired, the child still gets all the necessary nutrients for development. And they are taken from the same,” bad ” fat based on this diet of Dr.Simeon protocol.

Positive and negative aspects of the methoddr simeons hcg

The doctor himself considered his brainchild scientifically sound and utterly harmless to the body. However, more recent studies have outlined significant adverse health effects.

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  1. The diet is effective from the first day.
  2. A person does not experience a painful feeling of hunger, even though the daily menu contains only 500 energy units.
  3. Due to an increase in the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the anabolic state, muscle mass does not decrease.
  4. Due to the use of the hormone, the metabolism is normalised. This means that in the future, excess weight is not returned.
  5. You don’t have to do sports. Opponents of the gym can rejoice.


  1. In this system of weight loss, there is a hormonal effect on the body. HCG can cause a lot of health problems: the growth of various tumours, the occurrence of blistering, breast enlargement in men, regular headaches and a state of depression, failure of the adrenal glands.
  2. Eating such a tiny amount of calories a day leads to the fact that the body begins to devour itself. Protein is even sucked out of the heart muscle. This leads to gastric tachycardia and sudden cardiac arrest. Not to mention the lack of nutrients that a person experiences during extreme weight loss.
  3. Dr Simeons ‘ diet is contraindicated for people with any chronic diseases.

HCG in therapydr simeons hcg

In some foreign countries, drugs based on human chorionic gonadotropin are prohibited. HCG is widely used in medicine for the treatment of gynaecological diseases in women: infertility, habitual miscarriage, delayed puberty, artificial insemination, etc. in men, it is used to treat azoospermia (absence or small number of sperm in the ejaculate), testicular hypoplasia, decreased function of the sex glands, cryptorchidism, etc.

Gonadotropin is also used in sports to increase muscle mass. There is even a sad fact that women athletes were especially pregnant before the Olympics. When according to their calculations, the level of HCG in the body reached the highest point, an abortion was performed. And as a result, they achieved significant success in competitions.

HCG is produced as a white powder, which is used for intramuscular injection. The dose and number of injections are calculated only by the doctor, taking into account the patient’s condition — the most well-known drugs containing gonadotropin: Pregna, Horagon, Ovitrel, Parpinel.

The stages of the diet

  1. Preparatory. Lasts for two days. During this time, we clean the body of toxins, toxic substances and faeces. Fasting days on water, vegetables, berries and fruits will help us in this.
  2. Nutrient. During these days, we fatten up any high-calorie dishes to create a fat layer.
  3. Intensive stage. We stick to it until the 23rd day of the weight loss course. We consume 500 calories a day and take the hormone HCG.
  4. Fixing. From 24 to 26 and from 41 to 43 days, we refuse the hormone, but also adhere to a low-calorie diet.
  5. Restorative. Within three weeks of return to a regular diet, every day, gradually increasing the daily calorie. Any products are allowed, except sugar and starch-containing ones.
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Menu for the weekpounds and inches pdf

According to the rules of the doctor Simeons diet, you must eat three or four times a day, and for Breakfast, always tea or coffee with skim milk. Each meal includes 100 g of protein and some carbohydrates in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fats are not allowed.


Lunch: 50 g of boiled veal, lettuce salad and three cherry tomatoes.
Afternoon tea: green Apple.


Lunch: 50 g of boiled chicken breast, sliced two cucumbers with herbs.
Afternoon tea: orange.


Lunch: 50 g of boiled Pollock and lettuce.
Afternoon tea: pear.


Lunch: 50 g of boiled cod, two leaves of white cabbage with a bunch of greens.
Afternoon snack: grapefruit.


Lunch: 50 g of boiled seafood (shrimp or mussels), salad of two radishes.
Afternoon snack: 6 strawberries.


Lunch: 50 g of boiled seafood, two leaves of red cabbage with a bunch of greens.
Afternoon tea: 3 kiwis.


Lunch: 50 g of cottage cheese and steamed asparagus.
Afternoon tea: persimmon, one piece.

In the above menu, dinner is identical to lunch. It is not necessary to follow this sequence of days, as long as the daily calorie content does not exceed 500 units.

Lean meat is allowed: veal, chicken and seafood. Vegetables: red radish, asparagus, cabbage of all kinds, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, celery, onions. Everything else, including sugar and alcohol, is prohibited.


Who is Anat stern

This woman, a resident of Estonia, became a follower of the Albert Simeons method and even wrote a book about it. According to Anat’s story, for the last ten years of her life, she was engaged in trying various diets on herself. But none of them brought the desired result. But thanks to Dr.Simeons protocol, stern quickly got rid of 40 extra kilos. Now its goal is to advise people on this system and help them find a beautiful body.


Out of the diet

Simeons and Anat stern did not prescribe any particular end to the diet. Therefore, it is merely necessary to increase the caloric content of the diet slightly every day (by 50-100 units).

doctor simeons diet
Doctor Simeons diet


At the time of Dr Simeons, scientists had not yet learned how to secrete a natural hormone. Therefore, the doctor developed a plant analogue of HCG-a spray based on seaweed. However, we know that seaweed can in no way replace human gonadotropin. And poisoning the body with real hormones is fraught with a violation of the reproductive system and the growth of tumours.

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And then, if you use only 500 calories every day, you will lose a lot of weight and without any injections and sprays. But this is very harmful to the body, and anorexia is not far away. After all, the usual rate is 1800-2000 kcal.

And most importantly, no clinical trial has not proved the effectiveness of the diet of Simeon, although the followers of the method do not mention this anywhere.

However, this method of weight loss is still prevalent in the United States and some other countries. But we strongly recommend that you pay attention to less rigid diets.

Reviews and results of those who lost weight

Olga, 45 years old

At my age, it is very difficult to lose weight. After all, the metabolism slows down, activity decreases, and the years make themselves felt. I didn’t like sports when I was young. On the Internet, I came across the book” Pounds and inches ” by Dr. Simeons. And the method described in it interested me. But of course I didn’t give myself hormone injections. Replaced them with homeopathic RestorHCG drops. I lost 10 kg in a month. I didn’t feel hungry, although I ate only a little, as it should be according to the rules of the Dr.Simeons diet. I’m happy with.


Reviews of doctors and specialists

Oleg Ivanov, nutritionist and endocrinologist

I do not recommend Dr. Simeons ‘ diet categorically. In 1963, a study was conducted: 20 women with severe obesity were divided into two identical groups. Both groups ate the same food (500 kcal per day), but the first group was given HCG every day. And the second received a placebo in the form of saline. After 45 days, the researchers found that women from both groups lost about 20 pounds. Which suggests that the drug is useless for weight loss. But the list of side effects of the hormone is amazing.

To lose weight, it is enough to limit your diet and move more. This is the only secret of a beautiful figure.

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